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To help our clients achieve their goals, efficiently, safely and in an environmentally responsible manner.


Provider of project management consultancy services to the offshore industry since December 1990.

From April 2006 until October 2014 (after our work had been done), we were responsible for managing studies and providing technical input in the decommissioning of the massive concrete Gravity Base Structures in the Shell operated Brent Field. The project remains a complex undertaking, requiring a high degree of stakeholder engagement, risk management, strategy and decision-making.

Since Jan 2013 management consultant responsible for authoring several Decommissioning Programmes for North Sea installations and infrastructure as well as taking them through the Statutory Consultation process. We have now authored 26+ such documents, including e.g. Stamford, Rose, ST-1, Ann A4, Ann & Alison, Audrey & Annabel, Bains, DP3-DP4, Ensign, Alma & Galia, Thistle COS Tanks, Northern Producer, Conrie, Don SW, West Don, Ythan, Heather Topsides, Heather pipelines, Thistle Topsides, Loggs Area LDP2, LDP4, LDP5, Murdoch-Caister System CDP1b, CDP2, CDP3, Chestnut Phases 1 & 2 (all UK), & F3-FA (NL)), including several comparative assessments for pipelines and in providing input to Environmental Appraisals. An outline of the process followed in developing decommissioning programmes and supporting documentation can be found under 'A few downloads' (DP Process Summary). An outline of the process used for comparative assessments can also be found under downloads (CA Process Summary). Please feel free to use these, but please acknowledge where they came from.

We are always open to new opportunities.

Specialities: Decommissioning, authorship and regulatory submissions through to final approval of decommissioning programmes (UK) and comparative assessments (UK), removal plans (Netherlands - NL), pipeline notifications and decommissioning plans (NL), project management, leadership, strategy, risk management, written & oral communication, financial management & accounting, stakeholder engagement & analysis, cost estimation and scheduling.


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